ROOTS WAS STARTED WITH ONE AIM IN MIND: to create and manage creative and professional ENGINEERING and Project Management solutions.

The ROOTS team has considerable professional and are able to offer and provide professional services embracing the full spectrum of ENGINEERING and project management services.

Choosing ROOTS is not so much a matter of choosing an ENGINEERING Company but choosing a partner that will continue delivering results nobody else can.

“We Strive To Be Innovative, Pragmatic, Responsible And Lead With eco-friendly Principles”.

How We Operate

-We are committes to the creation of artful and sustainable designs that unites people,aesthetics and ecology.

– It is an open platform for everyone to become a force of good and make things happen.

Our Approach

– We interact actively with enquiring minds and OPEN minded people who are keen to re-think, un-learn, re-learn and care about the complex socio-political, environmental and multiple issues surrounding it..

Our Story

Roots evolved from the critique of the architect and engineer. The negligence towards environmental crisis, reckless development was out of harmony with the natural and cultural elements. After a long and committed timespan and thorough action in place, an eco-friendly design initiations with a vision of moving towards life-sustaining directions;given the unprecedented eco-crises, we face.


We reach out to the NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL BODIES to ensure healthy discussions and present our ideas while bridging the gap between the ACADEMY, PROFESSION and the public.

Creative Interventions for Better WORK with the theme:

“It is what it is” This can be better WE will make it better!

Company Brief:

Company Name: Reliable Organization Operating Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. (ROOTS Pvt. Ltd.)

Main Office : Dhulikhel, Kavre

Branch Office : Bagdole, Lalitpur

Contact : +977-9851328281, +977-9851277476, +977-9843554333, +977-9843822156, +44 7436 601441(UK)

E-mail : roots.pvt@gmail.com

PAN. No. : 609781878

Regd. No : 240453/077/078